Allow map authors to determine if markup tool is available

02-10-2021 03:45 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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My idea might be annoying, especially after the team has spent hours creating great features, however, it would be great to be able to centrally control which features of ArcGIS Field Maps are available. for example on a project I am working on we do not want users to use the markup feature, and we would prefer that it was not available, rather than having to train users not to use it. We have over 1000 users and I just know they will create markup content that will languish in Portal, when they will be thinking someone else will address the fault they have markedup.

Markup is just an example, I am sure we will have the need to disable other features as well.

keep up the good work



Sure there are other features. Most important in my opinion is "Edit multiple". It can damage a lot in some cases.


I have a field worker that uses edit multiple in a very productive way for a certain project because it makes sense in that context. On another project I would like to have that feature disabled to prevent a field worker from cutting corners. If that control could be per map rather than per user that would be great!

Status changed to: In Product Plan

We are planning to incorporate the ability to define some capabilities and default settings in Field Maps web to simplify deployment this year. Collection capabilities are among the first items planned, including the ability to disable/hide the Edit Multiple tool on a per map basis.

Please add a comment if there are specific capabilities that are of interest to you.


Ability to disable/hide the Mark Up tool on a per map basis would be extremely useful.


I second BriannaTatum. The markup tool has its uses but currently my 'clientele' is confused and this leads to problems. I would value the possibility to disable/remove/hide the markup tool on a per map basis.



I third BriannaTatum. For the majority of projects, I do not plan on using markup. A single field worker might be trained on several different project maps. Some projects require markup. In others, it just confuses. I have had a field worker mixed up which projects needed markup and markup the wrong project map. Having this as a per map disable feature option would be great to avoid these types of issues.


I forth BriannaTatum, excellent point.  If mark ups are not needed for a project it would be great to be able to turn off that feature. 

Just like editing is only enabled on certain attributes, this helps for easy input of the field user.


Additional options have been implemented in Field Maps in December, see full list in this topic

Given that the asks in this idea are about markup I've renamed the topic to be specific to controlling markup behavior.  If control of additional additional capabilities are desired please start a new idea for these.


@DougMorgenthaler - any timeline on when this may be implemented? Thanks!


It would be really helpful to have the option to disable the Markup tool for specific maps in Field Maps. I agree with the other comments that it can be useful in some instances, but adds confusion to the end users in other situations.

If it's in the product plan, I would be interested to know if there's an expected timeline!