Allow attachments to be named and made required similar to survey123

03-10-2021 02:47 PM
Status: Open
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It would be useful if attachments could be named via the form similar to survey123. 

Also to add to this  it would be good if attachments could be viewed but not deleted


It would also be good to be able to use Arcade to calculate the intended file name for an attachment. For photos the name might be an asset name/code appended with a date/time or a date and an automatically incremented integer  (for the sequence in which the photo was taken during the current data collection session). 


An option to date-stamp photos collected in field maps would be very useful, as would the naming convention mentioned above by Mike_K.  This ups the value of collecting photos tremendously.


Having a unique photo name would be beneficial as we now have an issue of associating the correct photos with other associated datasets.


Having this option combined with an expression using the other suggestion of Sequential values for Field Maps - Esri Community would be a great way to keep all your photos uniquely organized when extracting them from the fgdb.


What I would love is that you can setup the Photo to auto name to a field in your point file so it would name ex: BigBearUnit1_Photo1. "BigBearUnit1" is being auto pulled from the point that your adding in collector/field maps. 


This is a critical function for us.  We have to extract all of the photos from Field Maps in order to use them in our project reports and to archive them.  The only way to do that currently is using a script in Pro (that's another issue).  But it needs the photos to have a unique name.   Otherwise, you get a folder of jpgs and no way of knowing which  point feature they correspond to and you have to spend a lot of time opening photos and clicking on points to find matches, then rename the photos.

Jill Halchin, National Park Service


I would prefer even if you could select a field from the feature class from a drop-down list, where you could select a field such as "Name" or "ObjectID" and it would auto-name the photos with the corresponding field. The result would be similar to featurename_1, featurename_2, so that when photos are exported into file explorer or etc, is it easy to know what feature you are reviewing.


This would be very useful!