Additional MDM variables for ArcGIS Field Maps

12-19-2021 09:06 PM
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The Australian Department of Defence has requested additional functionality for MDM custom variable fields.

For organisations with a large number of mobile devices used to collect data, standardising the configuration on each device can be a time consuming activity. Adding additional items such as the track settings and cellular data settings to the Field Maps MDM custom variable fields will assist organisations with their device management.

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@BrettHeenancould you expand on which track settings you'd like to see available for MDM configuration? The track upload and last known location update frequencies are already available.



In the Field Maps App the user is able to set "Enable my tracks > Duration until switched off" and in "Settings > Cellular data > Sync and Update (On), Downloads (On)".

The customer would like these options to be included as an extra MDM variable to facilitate easier configuration of ~1000 devices.


Hope this helps.