Add a filter widget to ArcGIS Field Maps

03-03-2021 06:50 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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Add a configurable filter widget to ArcGIS Field Maps, much like the filter widget in Web AppBuilder. 

ArcGIS Field Maps is commonly used where users collect additional information on, or collect a related record against an existing feature. It would be really useful to be able to filter between different attributes on those layers, e.g. for priority points. Symbolising according to the feature works only when a few distinct attributes need highlighting. For anything more, different field maps need to be created with the different filters set as default. This can lead to having to manage, maintain and download multiple maps. If the user could filter on attributes of a layer from a single map this would be really useful. 


I was on a call last week and asked Jeff for this directly again.  He seemed to recall me asking but it sounded like they still have not looked at it.  I agree 5 years+ for a simple add that is requested a lot seems like a long time.  You could all try emailing him at  
Jeff Shaner


This needs to be an option. Please consider!


Yes please!


This would be extremely helpful. If my user wants to filter by Priority for example, I have to have copies of the layer filtered for each Priority so they can be turned on or off. Please consider a filter so this can be done properly in the app with a single layer.


Agreed - we have field collectors who would like to be able to filter their data according to year of observation or even species observed in the field. 


The latest idea I gave them was to setup the filter just like the search does.  Select a layer and a field.  If it could then turn this to a drop down box..




The suggestion of DougBrowning with the drop box would be an excellent solution. To have the possibility to filter data would be highly appreciated. Should work also offline and also for non spacial table data.


We really need this, especially because you can't have the same feature service in a map twice if you want to take the map offline. I have features that my field staff are editing that need to be symbolized by their status field, but they also need to be able to find specific features by another attribute. The features need to all be in a single dataset for other reasons, so I'm stuck either coming up with an incredibly convoluted symbology based on two attributes with many possible values (more than a hundred possible combinations), not being able to work offline (due to having the same feature in the map twice, to symbolize using different fields) or only being able to set up searching. Searching for features is not as good as filtering.


Ops Dashboard has it also - in fact it can do multiple


It would be the coolest add to Field Maps ever.  Has @JeffShaner seen this post yet.  I talked to him on it directly once.


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