Ability to turn GPS off

03-24-2021 02:15 PM
Status: Implemented
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When working in the field or in the office we often digitize feature on the screen in Field Maps. Its annoying when the marker keeps jumping to the GPS position. A simple (?) solution would be to be able to turn the GPS off.


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I believe you can get around this by turning off location services in your device settings. Although I agree it would be nice to be able to do so directly in the app. 


Agreed - the ability to turn location services on/off within the app would be good. Some people aren't even aware that they can do that through the device settings. 


This is definitely an issue we run into. We have a misc points layer (non GPS) to use as reference and our users will collect or snap to features, creating a point immediately uses the phones location, which is often several miles away from the point/points they want to create.

These users also use GPS receivers so they are used to backing out of maps, profile, provider: Integrated or GNSS.

Our only workaround right now is to do the steps above, and take the provider from integrated to a GNSS receiver that isn't connected, but will block the location. This works sometimes, other times it blocks you from choosing it.

Having a map, layer or device setting for collection to toggle use target location default or something.


@BrendonJoyce1 in our December release of Field Maps we introduced a new map setting that you can use to determine whether the GPS location should be used automatically for collecting new features.  Here's a doc topic that outlines how to configure this.


@DougMorgenthaler Hi Doug, unfortunately I am on Portal, I do see that setting in AGOL.


Would that be something I wouldn't get until my next Portal upgrade or will it come in an update sometime soon? (I'm on 10.9.1 now).




@BrendonJoyce1 yes, this should be available as part of ArcGIS Enterprise 11.

Status changed to: Implemented

@DougMorgenthaler Thanks Doug, great feature add.