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Ability to add form element that does not store any data

03-11-2022 06:35 AM
New Contributor III

The idea is to allow the creation of “dummy” elements within the form that will prompt a user for information, but does not submit any data to be stored. These elements can be used to hide/show other fields, or can contain a value on which to base another field’s calculation.

I believe that survey 123 connect currently allows this, and what I’m proposing would be similar.


They could also be used to to show hyperlinks to other content (on portal/agol or external) or be used to embed documents inline like standard operating procedures or safety guidelines for field staff to reference. As @ajevans429 mentioned, helper form elements exterior to your schema would be very useful.

This seems like an easy to implement thing from within an edit context of INSERT, but seems like it could get a bit tricky in the context of an UPDATE given some scenarios; but either way I would use this concept extensively.  It would help our Map-Centric workflows compete better against our company's Form-Centric workflows... which exist outside of the ESRI ecosystem.


I would find this to be very helpful. I'm designing a form with a couple dozen fields whose values will be copied into other fields and processed using calculations. It would be great to be able to exclude the unprocessed data from the attribute table instead of clogging it up.