ArcGIS Explorer (Android) displays "No Title" in search results

02-15-2021 11:51 PM
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Good day,

I've downloaded the latest version (20.2.2, Build 2747) of ArcGIS Explorer from the Google Play Store and have been experiencing the following issues when I'm querying layers in my web map.

1) When I do a search on a map layer the results return but it display's "No Title" in the results for the returned features. (I know it should display a "Title" in the Info popup because it does so when querying on a web app that uses the same web map.)

2) Results are not always highlighted in map window.

3) When clicking on a feature in the query result it does not zoom to the feature in the map window. Is this normal?

I'm using the latest version of Android 10 (QKQ1.200114.002) available for my device.

Thank you in advance for any feedback relating to these points.



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Just an update to my post.

I have managed to install it on an iPhone8 and it shows the exact same behavior.

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