How to configure ArcGIS Server Portal so ArcGIS Explorer shows Layers?

10-22-2015 01:19 PM
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I've been wondering for a while (version 2505 and now 3400) how to get information in the Layers control, the one just to the right of BaseMaps. Now I see that the new version of AGX, 3400, has some layers in there. For example, if you click Layers you'll see the DeLorme base maps, several Demographics layers and a layer called Imagery Older and Newer.

I've sleuthed around and am almost certain that it is not achieved with a default map, any settings within AGX, or any configuration. So this might not even be the correct location for this question. I've poked around the Portal guide and it does mention that Portal can be configured for basemaps and layers, but does not explain the Layers portion.


Thanks for any insight you might have.


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This part of the ArcGIS Explorer Documentation explains it.

Within an organization or portal specify a basemap group.   Share Explorer Desktop content with this group and tag the items as described in the documentation to have them appear in the ArcGIS Explorer basemap and layer galleries.


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Thanks very much Mark!  That did it exactly.

I'm not sure why I couldn't find that answer on the web; I guess I was looking more for Portal, but Portal is ArcGIS Online in our organization, I guess.


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