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09-09-2020 06:45 AM
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I'm working on a multipage experience, and am using folders with multiple pages within.


In the widget description I'm told that the folder should provide a drop-down menu that allow the top level to be clicked without changing the page. But that only seem to work when clicking the arrow next to the heading.

When clicking the text (or anywhere besides the arrow), the home page is shown (as well as the drop down menu).


I vaguely remember being able to work around this by duplicating the page set as "home page", then removing it. But now I can not have an experience that does not have a home page?


This is not the actual app, but I hope that it let you see my point. Whenever clicking the heading - and not the arrow - the homepage is beeing presented.

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Hi @TonghuiMing

Great to hear that you will look into the issue.

Can you say anything about the timeline? When can we expect this to be solved?

I have a deadline on a big project coming closer and closer and would hate to not be able to use Experience builder just because of this.

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Hello @MårtenMogren,

The specific issue, when clicking on the Folder and then it redirects to the home page incorrectly, has been fixed in the last dev edition release (1.2).

If you are using the AGOL environment, the fix will get synced in the next release.

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Sounds great, thank you! 

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