Using Maps with Live GeoJSON Layers in ArcGIS Experience Builder

04-05-2022 12:11 AM
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It was fantastic that ESRI finally opened up the new Map Viewer to be able to add external GeoJSON feeds and have it update in real time. This allows us to link data from other systems without the need for FME or the ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension. 


It's great that the Experience Builder is able to open and load maps with the GeoJSON layers but it is a bit of a shame that it doesn't recognize any of these as "Layers" the way it does feature layers.


So for my use case where I had a map with 3 different GeoJSON layers, I have no way of turning on layers and creating different pages within the Experience Builder (since the Experience Builder says I have 0 layers on the map).

I've had to create 3 separate web maps with different layers turned on/off. This allowed me to have three different tabs on the experience builder displaying the three different maps but ideally I'd like to have just one map across all 3 tabs so that it loads much faster with the ability to turn on/off layers from within the Experience builder. 

Are there plans to introduce this functionality in the near future?

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