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04-28-2021 08:08 AM
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I want to use an app generate by ExperienceBuilder in an iframe where user is auth. I try to add a "token" URL Parameter to get an automatic login to a non public app (with non public webmap). With a webappbuilder app I write <appurl>?token=<token>. This syntax doesn't work with experience builder.

Is there a mean to do that ?



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I am struggling to do the same with the operations dashboard. My local customer service doesn't know how to do, ESRI Inc. doesn't know how to do.

I believe this is not possible and it is a HUGE limitation because in the real world many arcgis online subscriptors would like to speed up their web application development taking advantage of configurable apps (exp builder, dashboard...) but they need to "deploy" them in other environments than arcgis online.

ESRI, please, provide us with the "token" URL Parameter

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Another option would be to have the possibility to release public content with a sort of secure URL, not indexed and available only if you type it correctly end entirely in the browser (i.e. google drive). In this way we can embed "securely" our agol applications inside other portals. 

ESRI, are you there?

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