Unique values in a List widget

02-15-2023 06:06 AM
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Hi all,

New to Experience Builder, so apologies if this has already been answered, but haven't found it anywhere.

I have a feature layer that contains sampling results from various sites. Each site can have from one to several hundred records. I'd like to be able to create a List widget where the values are the unique site names, i.e. each site listed just once, not one for each record. When I try setting Site Name to Unique in the builder, I get an error message telling me the SQL is incomplete (Site Name | is | Unique). I'm looking for the equivalent to "SELECT DISTINCT([Site Name]) FROM Layer". I can do this in Dashboard with Arcade. Is it possible in Experience Builder? Thanks!

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Good question and I am looking for a similar answer for either the List or Filter widgets that they could be pre-populated with a unique list of values from an attribute field (in desktop it would be as simple as 'select by attribute' and selecting from a list right?  And Dashboards also allow you to do this.  I'm also quite new to Experience Builder so may have missed a trick.  There is this post which might help on how to populate a list https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-experience-builder-questions/experience-builder-unique-values-i... but it's rather a workaround through loading in a separate table which could be a maintenance headache.  In the Filter tool you can set up a clause set of unique values but you have to set them up individually and if your data changes with say a new site (or new bird species in my case) you have to remember to add in the new categories!

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In ExB SQL builder, try using the predefined unique feature:



Or you will need to check the "Ask for values" option, otherwise, the SQL is indeed empty:



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Thanks @TonghuiMing. I can't find the SQL Expression Builder pictured though. Where is that located?

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Good idea, but no dice. This works well for the filter widget, but doesn't perform as expected for the list widget.


I'm in the same position as @GregKeith - trying to display values in a list widget from distinct features only. Short of writing a python script to automate this, I'm absolutely stumped.

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I ended up having to create a separate feature layer of just the sites. Even if I got distinct values from the first layer, it didn't help. The distinct values weren't tied to a particular location, so couldn't do actions like zooming the map.