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Unable to use Geoprocessing custom model tool in Experience builder through ArcGIS online

05-21-2024 08:25 AM
New Contributor II

Hi Everyone, 

       I did complete analysis in ArcGIS pro by creating Model Builder. i tried to publish it as web tool in ArcGIS online but it was failed. then i imported in ArcGIS online as Geoprocessing Package. Now i am trying to create dashboard kind of, to show both web map along Custom model builder tool to perform analysis with own data for public. But I I am not able create the custom model builder tool in the experience builder as i didn't show any geoprocessing widget.  I used analysis widget , but i doesn't supoort to it. I dont have enterprise account. Working on AGOL only.

can you please share your thoughts on it. 

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New Contributor III

A geoprocessing package on AGOL is not the same as a Web Tool published to Enterprise. AGOL does not support Web Tools and that is what you have to use in the geoprocessing widget.

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Esri Contributor

Currently, Experience Builder Analysis widget support running custom web tool, but you have to published it as a geoprocessing service which have to be published to Enterprise. It does not support running the model tool from a geoprocessing package.

In the coming release, you may try publish web tool from ArcGIS Notebook in AGOL. ExB also supports to run a notebook web tool. 


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