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09-30-2020 02:02 AM
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i have embedded pages from Experience builder in the new  storymaps and they are just too slow to load. can you please indicate what the issue may be and if there is a workaround?


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I agree that Experience Builder seems generally slower to load than Web App Builder apps.  Initial load is slow and then navigating between pages within ExpBuilder is also noticeably slow.


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Hi Susana,

Can you share the experience so we can take a look? If you can't share it publicly, can you share it within a group and add me? My username is dmart.



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Hello! We are also noticing that the pages/apps made with Experience Builder are very slow in comparing with apps developped in WebAppBuilder. With a map in WebAppBuilder the initial loading time takes 5 seconds. With the same map in Experience Builder the start up takes 30 seconds! Both of the example apps don't have any widgets. Anyone else experiencing that? Where is the problem? Are there any options to speed the initial loading? Thank you for any help! Ana

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This continues to be an issue for Experiences we embed in ArcGIS Hub. Sometimes refreshing the page unsticks it, but end users are unlikely to know that, and I would hate to add a note telling them to try that if the map does not load. It seems to do okay if the Experience is loaded into a separate tab.

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My Experience Builder project (built with several pages) has the slow load issue and most often it doesn't produce a popup on click or scroll zoom in/out. Different maps respond or don't differently at random. Is Esri making any progress on this?  EB is a fabulous idea but simply not usable due to glitchiness...

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I am having the same problem where my EXB apps sporadically load very slowly.  Sometimes the app will load right away, and sometimes widgets spin for a long time before loading with data.  Sometimes but not always refreshing the page helps.  Any ideas?

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