The top of the popup, including the title, is hidden on vertically small ("short") map windows

11-28-2023 08:23 AM
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If I have a map that is vertically small ("short"), the popup from clicking on a point feature goes above the feature for many extents, as if it's trying its hardest to not cover the feature. This results in the title and most of the popup info flowing out of the top of the map window (see screenshot). 

The alternate behavior, letting the bottom of the popup flow out the bottom of the map window, does not appear to occur.

It would be much more user friendly for the second behavior to occur, having it flow out the bottom so that title and top of the popup (with the most important info) is always visible.

Steps to reproduce: 

  1. Create a point layer in a map with a moderately sized popup, including a title
  2. Add that map to an Experience
  3. Resize the browser window to be short
  4. Click a feature and pan up and down to observe when the popup switches from above the feature to below the feature
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