Text widget with dynamic data and date/time fields

08-17-2021 02:11 PM
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Hello. I'm wondering if this is possible and I'm just not seeing it, or if this is a bug/missing feature:

I'm using a Text widget with a data connection to try and display values from a date field in a hosted feature table. It's a very basic hosted table with one just row and three fields/columns, containing information outputted from an ArcGIS Notebook. Two of those columns are date fields with both date and time.

I can get the date value to show up in the Text widget just fine by creating an expression from the 'Dynamic content' window, however I can't seem to get the time info to show up with it. I've tried connecting directly to the hosted feature table after adding the data to the Experience Builder project on its own, and I've also tried adding the hosted table to a web map first and then using the 'Configure Fields' options there to say that I want the time information to show for that field. However, the time info still won't appear within the Text widget when doing this.

Any ideas? I noticed that the screenshot from a user in this other post seems to be showing the behavior I'm looking for, so perhaps this is something to do with hosted tables specifically? As a workaround in the meantime, I'm using the table widget, but its a bit overkill for this specific case.


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