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Table widget with REST feature layer

09-15-2022 12:44 PM
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Can anyone confirm similar behavior with the table widget, when using a feature layer (in a web map) that's a REST feature service, the table is empty and does not display? Yet it I use a hosted feature layer, it displays just fine.

Are only hosted feature layers supported in the ExB table widget?


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Esri Contributor

Thanks for the post. Table actually supports all kinds of feature services. Would you provide more details about the data? A sample data would be helpful if possible. Thanks!

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Thanks for responding and for the information. Indeed, I can now see that the table widget will display fields from one of my REST services (ex. JALBTCX/GLRI_GVI_Sandbar_Parameters (FeatureServer) ( and will not display the fields from another one of my REST services (ex. MiniArgus/FRF_Tower_MiniArgus_Imagery (FeatureServer) ( ). These services uses different ArcGIS Servers, and different versions, the former being 10.8 and the latter being 10.7.1. Also of note, the former (JALBTCX..) will load into ExB as a feature layer data source, the latter (MiniArgus...) will not!

Is there a record limit, over that which might be set on the service via maxRecordCount?

Oddly enough, while the table widget does not appear to display records from the latter (miniArgus...) service, the records are available for export.  



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