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03-03-2023 07:19 PM
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 When users make a selection in a filter in Experience Builder that I created, the selections then appear in a table widget I created. However, when the selections appear in the table widget, the selections never start in alphabetical order. They usually appear in the table in random order. I can click the ascending/ descending arrow to put them in alphabetical order, but I want them to start in alphabetical order.

Anyone know how to do this? Thank you.

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Hi @Eggnoggy1 

According to your description, are you trying to set table's sorting order when configure your app and display selected features in the order you set? If that is the case, currently table's sort order can only be specified at runtime - table widget does not support setting table's sorting order in configuration. 

I think you can use a sorted data view to solve this problem. Creating a ascended/descended data view of your original data source, and use this data view for both your table & filter. It will give you a sorted table based on the field you desire.

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