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04-13-2020 10:30 AM
by Anonymous User
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Where are the symbols for the layers in the Layer List?  Am I missing an option to display them?


1. show symbols like WebApp Builder

2. use info boxes like my site instead of the 'i' Info button taking users to the REST page; which they will not understand.

3. Give the Eye some color and all the icons in Experience some color. I do not like the flat UI monochromatic no-texture trend, most people I have talked with also prefer older UIs with texture, color, and intuitive icons.

4. Allow developers to decide whether a layer is expanded or not by default, and ability to hide layers or sublayers like WebApp Builder.

5. Allow grouping and reording of any and all layer types including map image layers and sublayers.

6. Moving and resizing of popup.

7. Choose how popup sizes to content by default.  I.e. a hard max width, shrink/expand to fit, text wrap or not, etc.

I delved only in to Layer List in and popups of Experience Builder. At this point I think end users will prefer WebApp Builder's UI/UX.  I like its potential of Experience and I love the new additions to layout; while the user interface can be refined to be more discoverable and intuitive.   I think it shows great potential as the next Builder.  And I have to say I really, really love WebApp Builder. Just wanted to provide some early thoughts.

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 Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the feedback, we will certainly take it into consideration. Currently, there is no option in the Map Layers widget to show the Legend widget in the same container. I will add this as a feature request.



by Anonymous User
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David Martinez‌ awesome; thank you!  

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Hi @DavidMartinez , did this feature request get implemented?  It would be super helpful!

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Would still like to see this. Particularly #1. Seem strange to separate symbology from layer toggling given that the WAB widget and all desktop software emulate this

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Please add this functionality!! This is a main reason preventing me from using Experience Builder.

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Would love to see this implemented as well. It's frustrating to hold off on moving to Experience builder because the symbology is not visible easily for a given layer.