Symbology on Unique values (multiple fields) showing as domain values in Experience builder

12-11-2023 11:12 PM
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the symbology is created from a combination of three fields using the symbol by unique values in ArcGIS Pro 3.2, which has been strangely reflected in the Experience Builder. below are some snapshots and explanations of the issue:

1. the symbology was built in ArcGIS Pro 3.2


2. the first field used in the combination will be read as a domain field as shown in the snapshots (small symbol near the field name), And the values are shown correct in the table preview.


3. Upon building a view in Exb the query shows the combined values of the symbology instead of the real values of the field.


this issue forced us to use a like condition in the query to select the needed records with such value.

Kindly, does anyone have any idea about what is going wrong in the Exb? Or am I missing any configuration in symbology or while sharing the web map?

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