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Survey123 map use Experience Builder map to show survey123 form data prior to submit

04-22-2023 09:03 AM
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I have a survey123 form the user inputs coordinate values to create 2 points. Is it possible for the survey123 form data to show as points on the larger Experience Builder map as the person inputs data not after data is submitted? I'm also trying to figure out if these points can show on the same map within Survey123 even.

I had previously posted to see if it was possible to create a line from these 2 points within survey123 in the web form, but that functionality doesn't isn't available outside of the mobile app.

I'm trying to figure out a solution where biologists can add coordinates in DDM for a start/stop transect points....ideally a line would be created and a line distance calculated. The more I look into this, creating new points based on coordinates is not even possible in AGOL? Likely another post topic.

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