"untitled layer" added when running widgets

03-20-2023 10:06 AM
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I am new into Experience builder. 

I am building an Experience that users can toggle layers and run a few widgets for analysis (BA Widget, Directions, etc). When the tools are ran an "untitled layer" is added to the layer list. How can I stop this from happening and still keep this ability to have the layers interact with the map widget?



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@ZackaryWilcox I am encountering the same issue with the BA Widget in Experience Builder. However, in my case it is adding anywhere from 2 to 4 "untitled layers" to the map layer list. Are you using grouped layers with your map and layer list? I am, and I'm wondering if that may be contributing to the problem.

@Jianxia Can you or your team provide any insight to this problem? Is it a known bug or issue?  

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@ZackaryWilcox I'm using the Business Analyst widget without the subscription add on (only using ESRI infographics) and I was getting the same issue. Because I am not making infographics for added data on my map, I stopped selecting a map widget in the Contents pane and those layers stopped showing up. I can still generate the same infographics. I think if you have a map selected but you aren't using the map, Business Analyst adds an empty layer to your map to do it's analysis with. Hope this helps!

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