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Survey widget error

01-18-2022 03:44 PM
Occasional Contributor III

Hi ExB community,

I've inserted a survey widget into my Experience Builder. Most of the time it is great, but of the widgets I'm using, this one seems to have the most bugs.

The end user gets this message from time to time. Usually after I do an update.

She definitely has permission to access the feature service and write into it as well as the survey.

We can normally get rid of the warning by doing the usual IT troubleshooting of:

  • refresh
  • close the browser, reopen
  • sign out of AGOL, sign back in
  • clear the browsing history
  • removing the survey widget and readding it

Doing all these steps makes the process unenjoyable and as a not so tech savvy person, deters them from wanting to use the application. Is this a bug other users experience? Is there a way to fix this long term?




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Thank you for your post, I also encountered this problem. When the Experience and survey are correctly shared with a group and at survey level the survey sharing is set to "members of the following groups can submit" this is a regularly occuring error.

There is no fix for this yet however the workaround for this is to set the sharing to "everyone (public)" can submit to this survey. Then the error won't return.

This is in no way a solution because some surveys can't be open to public. 

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I am experiencing something similar, and making the survey public is also not an option. I have no issues as owner and admin, but others are experiencing issues.

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