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Selection Filter Relate: Feature to Feature - filter to none without selection

01-27-2023 09:34 AM
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I'm building an Experience, in which I want to have a function blending in a Polygon when selecting a point.

Both are in the same map. With a selection trigger filtering to framework, I am able to filter my polygons down to just the one that is related to the point.

My problem is now that I do not want to see all polygons when there is no point selected.
So initially I do not want to see any of the polygons, just when a point is selected, I want the one polygon that is related to that point visible on the map.

Is there anyway to do that?


If that is not possible, I was thinking about setting a initial selection (is that possible?) and prevent the user from de-selecting when not selecting another point. Is that possible in Experience Builder?


Thanks a lot!


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