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Revert to published version of Experience Builder (cancel changes)

05-09-2022 10:24 AM
New Contributor II

We were modifying a published Experience Builder application and we are now receiving an error "404: Resource does not exist or is inaccessible."

The published version works fine. While it would be nice to know what caused the error, the immediate need we have is to revert back to the published version and discard all unpublished changes. How can we accomplish this?

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MVP Notable Contributor

If you are lucky enough to have not closed the experience yet, the undo button still works after a save/publish.

If still open, you can undo the changes, save, re-publish.





New Contributor II

Thanks so much, but I'm afraid we are definitely not that lucky! We saved and closed already.

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Esri Regular Contributor

@JulieMikolajczyk Yes, unfortunately, what @RhettZufelt mentioned above would be the solution. If the app has been saved, then for now there is nothing you can do to revert it back.


For similar cases, be careful with the Save function since it WILL update your app config. I would say the silver lining here would be, to use the Save as function more often, if there are multiple branches or versions, or from multiple editors:



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New Contributor III

This just happened to us.  The question is, what caused this to happen?  Some weird blip of Esri's server?

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Wish we could revert changes after leaving the session. This was scary to go in and make and publish a new update today, with another surprise unpublished update along for the ride.

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I've published an idea to add this to the ExB app, like it is in Sites:

Revert to published app config / Delete draft conf... - Esri Community

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