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Reshape, Split, Merge, tools coming to the Edit Widget?

05-22-2023 05:31 AM
Occasional Contributor II

Happy Monday everyone,

I'm hoping someone from the Experience Builder team can answer this question. Is it in the workplan to add the reshape, split, and merge tools to the edit widget? Currently in my agency we are using those tools for wildfire and forest stand mapping using Web App Builder. Since WAB will be retiring next year, I need to begin making transition plans.

Thank you,


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I'm having the same question. Is there a plan to have an Edit widget in Experience Builder like the one in Web AppBuilder? Please, we need to have a powerful Edit widget (merge, cut, reshape, autocomplete) in Experience Builder before you phase out Web AppBuilder. We got a 100 Portal users and they do all the forestry mapping/editing using Web AppBuilder.
Thank you,

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Same comment/question here.  I've been converting some of my WAB to EB.  We need editing tools with the same capabilities as WAB or the end users won't be happy.



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