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Add Split/Merge/Circle/Copy in Edit Widget

02-23-2022 10:46 AM
Status: Open
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Hi there,

We'd really like to see some of the Smart Editor widget and Edit widget from WebApp Builder brought into Experience Builder. We're working with farmers to enable them to map their current farm layouts and then plan what it could look like over the next 30 years.

It's cumbersome to have to redraw/adjust the layout multiple times. If we could get them to copy what's already been made and then split or merge polygons from there, that would save a lot of time for them and make our product more appealing to use, especially for these users who are not GIS people. These features are usable in WAB, but they don't have the conditional visibility at the level we need that ExB has.

In addition, the ability to draw a circle out right via the Edit Widget in ExB would be a game changer for them as their are lots of pivots on farms!

This takes 8 clicks in ExB to draw, and it still isn't exactly what we want.


In WAB's Edit widget, this takes only 1 click and it's perfect (geometry wise)! Attribute conditional visibility is missing though.

Please consider adding in these improvements. It would definitely up the usability of the Edit widget in Experience Builder! If we could hide feature to feature and geometry guides from the user, but have it turned on from the back end, that would be great too.


We would really appreciate these enhancements as well! Our biologists would like to use the EB edit widget to delineate vegetation types, and sometimes the easiest way to do this without ending up with slivers and gaps is to start out with an outline of the study area and start splitting it into its consituent parts. They also use it to delineate long drainages, and occasionally click too fast and unintentionally complete a polygon prematurely. A merge tool would allow them to create the remaining portion of the drainage and then merge it with the first part. 

Overall, though, I think the usability of this widget is a big improvement over the WAB version... if its functionality can be expanded a bit, it will be amazing.


Without the ability to split, copy and merge the edit widget is lacking cruical functionality for quite a few users. If a feature has 50 property fields it is just to cumbersome to draw a new feature instead of just splitting or copying.

I hope you improve the edit widget in the nearr future!


Any news on this idea? 


Field Maps does not allow users to split or merge features, so we use Web AppBuilder Edit Widget to overcome these limitations.

Since Web AppBuilder support will end with the retirement of JavaScript 3.x API on July 1, 2024, it would be important for us to have these functionnalities available in Experience Builder before then.

Is there any plan to do so in a near future?


 We really need this in my agency for wildfire mapping and stewardship plans. Right now we are using Web App Builder and it's editor widget for these workflows. Is there any update to this idea?


These enhancements would be very beneficial to my company also. As an agricultural company we need something to help us map pivots, and residential buffers for buildings. Is there any update as to when these might be available?


We need the Edit widgit in WebApp Builder to be available in Experience Builder. Our agency has100 Portal users and all of our users use WebApp Builder apps to do a variety of spatial data creation and edits using the WebApp Builder Edit widget, and if that and the Geprocessing widgets are not going to be available in Experience Builder from next year then we will not be able to perform our agency business objectives. It will render our Portal useless.


We really need to get the split and other "advanced" tools into edit-tool in experience builder and in the instant apps.
You cant retire WAB without replace this important functionality.


I find that this missing functionality is a critical flaw especially seeing as WAB is being deprecated for EB.


The 2 primary purposes of web applications are "Telling a story" and "Giving the power to subject matter experts to edit"

We are in the investigation process of determining our custom widget transfers and the amount of "Lost functionality" we are finding in out of the box functionality is getting bigger and bigger.


Can ESRI please give us some information on this issue? Is there any obstacle stopping you from adding the split feature?