Refresh interval for layers within Experience Builder

06-17-2020 06:58 PM
by Anonymous User
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I've created an experience builder (XB) that leverages off a hosted feature layer. I've set the refresh interval on the feature layer to refresh every 30 seconds.

I have a list in my XB that shows records in my feature layer. The layer gets updated quite regularly, so I want the list to automatically update every 30 seconds (since I have set the refresh interval to that amount of time). 

No matter how long the user stays on the page for, the list never updates unless they refresh the page or use a different widget within the experience. This becomes an issue if they stay on the page for too long and are looking at stale data.

What I'm looking for is similar functionality to Ops Dashboard, where a list or indicator is refreshed at the same interval as what is set in the web map/feature layer:

There are no map elements/widgets inside my XB, just feature layers. Is this the problem? Do I need to add a map to my XB in order for it to respect the refresh interval? 

Along the same lines, is there any way to set a "session duration" in an XB? So that a user can only stay within the XB for a set amount of time before it says "session timeout" (or something similar) and refreshes the XB. 


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Hi Karen,

In the current release, we do not have a refresh interval. However, in our next release which is scheduled in a couple of weeks from now, we will have that feature on the layer settings. We do not have any timeout settings in the builder. 



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Three years later I have the same need and I haven't found any adjustments for it in Experience Builder!
Any prevision?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi, you can set the interval from the Data panel - layer settings:


After turning the Auto-refresh on, you can see the switch Last update text in the list widget settings.




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Infelizmente, somente para o widget Lista!
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