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06-21-2021 06:46 AM
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Hello EB's, 

I'm looking for some reassurance based on those with EB experience.  

I have a asset management survey123 that I've designed as a FL with an asset fc plus a related inspection table.  This seems to work fine.

Because I cannot use the custom s123 reports because we are using ArcGIS Enterprise, I'm looking to build a simple web experience such that allows users to select from 70+ assets and then choose from the related inspection record for that asset.  Then once I have the selected data, produce an inspection report web page based on the asset/inspection data.

My basic question is, do you see this presenting any issues if I do not have the new query widget available to me since we're in ArcGIS Enterprise?

If not, if you can spare a few bullets per approach would be most appreciated.  I've been playing around with EB a little and I'm envisioning a fullscreen app page where I get user to select the asset, and a scrolling page to present the inspection report.  I'm working on how to link the two.

Thanks for any input.




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You can use the Developer Edition of EB, which does have the Query widget in it.

Why do you say you can't use custom survey reports? You can open any of your surveys using https://survey123.arcgis.com/?portalUrl=your-portal-url, and it should have the same functionality as any AGOL survey.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Hello @jcarlson 

To the point, we have data residency laws in Canada that prevent certain data from leaving / residing Canada.  That is why we need to use Enterprise and store all data in Canada.  If we use your approach there is an assumption we have made that the data will be sent to AGOL servers to be processed by a reporting  service and return the custom template report.

If we use s123 on our own Enterprise servers (and maybe also for the approach above as well) we would need to configure our web adapter to be public facing which I've been told is not something likely to happen given IT policy (see known S123 limitation in link below)


Also see request from several users to enable custom feature reports to work without this limitation via Enterprise.  


I'm disappointed because I created a fully working custom feature report and it looks great and meets all requirements.  But I'm unable to use it and am left looking for alternative solution.  Currently I'm looking in to using EB to do this per my original question.

So to confirm, EB Dev Edition can be used for Enterprise and includes the Query Widget? 

I haven't used Dev Edition and I just started using EB. 

Do I need the Query Widget to select the data or can I use a different technique in EB to get the job done?

Don't want to take on too much just now.

Thanks for your input.



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