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06-21-2021 03:22 PM
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Hi EB community,

I want to put some how to videos in my experience builder. I've saved them on Google Drive. Settings are so anyone with the link can view. When I use the embed widget, and paste the URL, I get this error.


When I use the embed code, the video appears in the frame, but when I press play, nothing happens.

When I link the URL (to open in another tab or to become the entire tab, it works. I would like the video to just be a window though, so the user doesn't leave the website.

I am going to try hosting on Dropbox. I wonder if it is that Google Drive only wants its videos to be watched within Google Drive. Has anyone experience this before?


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Ok, you have to remember what you're trying to do here which is have a controllable video embedded within your content. A link to Google Drive is just that, a link - it'll be the same with Dropbox, there's no embedded "player".
Since you're going to make the content viewable by everyone, I suggest creating a simple YouTube channel and upload your video there, unlisted. You can then either paste in the URL or Embed the iframe code into the embed widget.

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Hi @JonathanMcDougall . Thanks for this. This was going to be my next work around, however I am going to wait and see what other replies I get. I know it's worked for other people on Dropbox. I've seen it work. I would like to use Google Drive then I can keep everything in one place. Also regarding Youtube, some of the data in the video is sensitive and wouldn't want someone to come across it accidently. I haven't read Youtube's T&Cs, but would rather play it safe than sorry.

How's that table/relates video for me from my other post going? 🙂