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Open login prompt in the app window rather than as Pop up

05-26-2023 06:16 AM
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I have an Experience Builder app (ArcGIS Online) which is shared to the public and serves as as shell for other Experience Builder apps (also ArcGIS Online). Those other Experiences are not -and cannot- be shared with the public and are embedded in embed-widgets on various pages of the shell-app. Users can navigate there with buttons on the landing page of the shell app. Everything works fine as long as a user is already logged into ArcGIS Online when browsing to the shell-app.

Otherwise, a login page opens as Pop up, when a user clicks on a button linked to one of the pages with an embedded Experience. The problem I am trying to solve is, that many users have Pop ups blocked in their browser are, therefore, not able to log into the app.

I could imagine two ways to solve this problem but cannot figure out how to do this practically.

(1) The secured Experiences are embedded with URLs that forces the login page to open in the app window rather than as a Pop up. I copied the URL that opens the login Pop up and used that as the embed-URL. But I get the message " refused to connect." Is this possible and if so what would the URLs have to lock like?

(2) A new page or window with an embed-widged is added to the shell-app. The embed-widget contains an URL pointing to the login page with a redirect to the landing page of the shell app. I used the same URL from (1) and got sucefully to the login dialog within in the app-window. But when i have logged in I get a short loading animation followed by a black screen. Same as above, is this possible and how would the URL have to look like?

I read the documentation Embed widget—ArcGIS Experience Builder | Documentation
and several post here concerning login issues but have not found the information i need.

Would greatly appreciate help.



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Hello Peter, how are you? How do you do this? I want to have a single experience both public and private?

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