Allow multiple selections with Survey widget (send data to this survey)

05-04-2021 09:36 AM
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I am trying to push data to a Survey widget with the "Send data to this survey' option enabled. 

Is it possible to push data from multiple selections of a single feature layer to a single survey question? I.e., I would like the user to select several polygons and have the {name} attribute populate a multiline text question as a list.  Right now, it only works if a single feature is selected. 

Using the April 2021 version of AGOL Experience Builder.

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Hopefully we receive an answer, as I am also looking for this functionality.

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I'm looking for this functionality too. Has anyone figured out if it's possible? Thanks

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Still not an available function.  I'm keeping my finger crossed!

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I am also trying to do this and would like to hear when the functionality is made available. 


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