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11-20-2023 02:02 PM
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The 'Layer List' widget in WAB allows you to select which map layers you want to display in the list (among other configurations).  Is this possible in EXB with the 'Map Layers' widget?  This is the closest thing I can find which is similar but there looks to be much less possible with the configuration. (I am currently using version 10.9.1 of EXB).

Would greatly appreciate any help.


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The latest update (October 2023) now allows you to do this.

Prior to this release, you could only configure one Map Layers widget with a custom layer list for a map. Now this limit has been lifted. You may connect multiple Map Layers widgets, each with a custom layer list, to the same Map widget.

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The feature was originally provided in the AGOL 2023 Feb/Mar release, so in Enterprise, you will need to upgrade to v11.2 (or higher, in the future) to use the "Customize layers" feature:


There is another post that might be helpful: 

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