Map Layer and Legend widget in Fixed Panel

02-08-2022 06:17 PM
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Hi - 

I am using Experience Builder in ArcGIS Online. I am trying to mimic the layout of the Web App Builder's Plateau theme. I really like keeping the widgets in a sidebar. 

Is it possible to create a Sidebar, Fixed Panel, Section or some other container to hold the popup window associated with my widgets?

The key widgets that I would like to contain are: Legend, Map Layer, Bookmarks, Edit and Filter. 

I really don't like having messy popups all over the map. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. 

Thanks a million!


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Hi @CPaulman .  I used the Plateau theme as well when using Web AppBuilder (now I use EB).  When you say "the popup window associated with my widgets," what do you mean?

When I used the Plateau theme, I recall I had the widgets (layers, measure, etc) in a horizontal bar across the top of the map, and the map itself below.  There were no pop-ups associated with the widget bar.  I wonder if you mean having a scheme whereby the widgets are in some small side-panel which you can collapse and expand at will.

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Hi @JohnSasso2  - 
The widgets I am thinking of are the Map Layer and the Legend. 

In Experience Builder when I click on the Map Layer icon, I get a popup window with the layers.

In the Plateau theme Web app Builder, you click on the Map Layer icon, and the layers appear in a sidebar. 

I like keeping the layer control, legend, bookmark area all in the same fixed location on the screen. I cannot figure out how to make the same thing work in Experience Builder. 

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I agree with you on this one.  I like to have the content show up on a side panel instead of a popup.  Did you ever figure out how to do that?  Thanks

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Hi @CPaulman,

Did you find a solution. Please share if you did.