Issue downloading app with custom widget

10-19-2022 03:55 PM
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I have a large custom widget that runs perfectly fine in the Developer Edition app creator, but when I Publish and then download the app the widget is not able to run. When running the app I see an error in the console: 


I have found a workaround to the issue: It seems that the download doesn't package the proper "chunks" folder.  Copying the contents of the "client/dist-prod/chunks" folder into the downloaded "cdn/<appId>/widgets/chunks" folder will resolve the issue, but this has to be done manually every time an app that has this widget in it is created, regardless of if I have run "npm run build:prod" in the developer edition client folder or not.

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I was having the same issue and confirm that the above fix works.  Thanks


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Thanks @MichaelKowal  for sharing the issue and workaround. It is a bug and we will try to fix it soon.