Multiple Log In Prompt Windows on ExB

10-18-2022 02:05 PM
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So, my organization is rebuilding a WAB into an Experience Builder.  The experience for logging in to the WAB includes a "Sign in to ArcGIS Online." box.  Once the user clicks "OK," the box below disappears brings up the sign in box.


Our Experience Builder is doing something different and VERY confusing for an end user.  It is bringing up these TWO boxes simultaneously.  


Has anyone else encountered this?  Is there a fix?  I'd appreciate any insight.  The organization does not allow the user to change much of the configurations in the browsers (including clearing browsing history).  There is also no pop-up blocker enabled.




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Hi @LisaJackson331

Thanks for sharing your problem. Is it happening in the app launched or inside builder environment. 
We have not yet seen 2 boxes show-up simultaneously. Would you be able to share a test app? 

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