Is there a way to hide this in Table Widget?

08-18-2021 08:06 AM
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Is there a way to remove the blue button from the table widget? I disabled sheet tools, but there is still a tool, show/hide columns, that I cannot disable.

If not, can I change its color? I don't have blue as a theme color, so I don't know why this button is blue. I tried other preset themes, but this button is always in blue.


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Hi @Boyang_Wang 

Are you wanting to hide it for aesthetic reasons or to stop users selecting additional fields?

If it's to restrict the fields, make sure you have settings similar to;



If aesthetic, then the blue colour is set in the marker I have here in green;



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Hi @JonathanMcDougall,

My setting is like this, but the "show/hide columns" is still enabled in the blue button.


I want to stop users using "show/hide columns". So if I cannot disable it, I'd like to change the color to hide it. I tried to change the fourth color, but it only changed the color of the map navigation icons, popup heading and table heading, not that icon I have in blue. I even tried to create a new Experience with only a Table widget, and that icon is still in blue.

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