Is it possible to get the Share Widget in Experience Builder to function the same as it does in Web App Builder?

05-12-2023 09:53 AM
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In Web App Builder, the Share widget allowed you to share a link that would change depending on what the map displayed. This made it possible to select a feature, zoom in on it and then share a link that would take others to the same zoomed in view.

I'd like to mimic this functionality in Web Experience Builder, but as far as I can tell the Share widget only generates a link to the opening view of the Experience. If you move around the map or zoom in on a feature the link generated by the Share widget still generates the same link. It seems like there should be a way to add a Trigger/Action, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do that.

Hoping someone knows how to solve this issue.


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This is something that we have not yet supported but evaluating in the near future. There are some similar posts like the following:


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Like you @BrianHenderson2 I have many short links saved in a Hub site table for Project Management that open a common Web AppBuilder project but zoom to a specific extent and have certain layers turned on/off.  We are transitioning over to Experience Builder in 2024 and I don't want this to stop me from accomplishing some of my goals for the year.  @TonghuiMing I've seen the latest roadmap but would like an answer so I can communicate with management sometime soon.  Thanks!

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Has there been any update on if/when this may be implemented?

Thank you