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Installing Experience builder 1.7 developer Edition

03-20-2022 11:59 PM
New Contributor II

I have uninstalled 1.6 version and installed new 1.7 version. But it is not showing New widgets or any changes w.r.t 1.7 version and it is showing the older custom widgets which are in 1.6 server widgets folder. It means my Experience builder is still pointing to 1.6.

Can anyone suggests what is the issue.

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Occasional Contributor II

how are you running the server and client apps? I have two batch files (they can be combined if you want) that start the client and server.

Exb_Client.bat and Exb_Server.bat batch files with the following content:


CD "C:\Users\asharaf\arcgis-experience-builder-1.7\ArcGISExperienceBuilder\client"
npm start

CD "C:\Users\asharaf\arcgis-experience-builder-1.7\ArcGISExperienceBuilder\server"
npm start







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