Inserting PDFs

02-19-2020 02:31 PM
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Is there a way to incorporate PDFs (single page and multipage)?

If not, it would be a great enhancement

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I tried different solutions, but unable to view a PDF with ArcGIS Experience Builder.
An iframe in Feature Info widget or a link in Embed widget does not work ...
If anyone knows a solution, I'm interested

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I tried those as well and it didn't work for me.

Where do log "Ideas" for Experience Builder?

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You can add your idea in ArcGIS Ideas here in the community. If you've not created an idea before then this document might be helpful . 

To categorize it for ArcGIS Experience Builder just select that category item from the list when creating your new idea. Hope this is helpful. 

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PDF in Experience Builder

Hi Brian and Matthias,

You can view a PDF from Feature Info if it is stored as an attachment. Another option is to use the button widget and link it to the PDF with the URL. I am curious to hear what are your requirements for PDF?



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Hi David,

My pdf files are not stored under AGOL.
Here is a video of what I would like to do with Experience Builder.
With the Beta, I used an iframe code contained in a field.
But if it were possible to put the URL of a PDF file in the Embed widget, it would be easier.


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I am trying a similar thing as Matthias.  I have multi-page PDFs that are specific to each panel/entry. Would be great if the user had the ability to have the PDFs open up within the app rather than a new tab. Attached is a clip from something else that we created (not in Experience Builder)  

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this is possible... some googling may lead you to PDF hosting sites where the URL and HTML code work in the experience builder. I don't know why some sites are prevented from this functionality while others work. I couldn't even add a google sites page as an imbedded url. i think its odd that the PDF and Web site imbedding is allowed with the story builder apps but not in the same way with Experience Builder. I am trying to persuade our team to use Experience Builder rather than WIX for some project overviews. luckily i have found a solution (hopefully not short term) that will keep the team from jummping ship on me...