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Before posting a new Idea, use the Search Ideas box to see if somebody has already submitted this same Idea.  Try describing your Idea in different ways, using different wording to make sure that it doesn't already exist.  If you find an existing Idea, upvote it and add your user story in the Comments section.  This is an important first step to avoid logging a duplicate Idea that will split votes between an existing Idea and your Idea, reducing the attention it gets.  Adding your user story to an existing idea provides valuable information that can help determine how the Idea might get implemented.


Once you've determined your Idea doesn't already exist, there are a couple of locations to get started in posting your new ideas in this new environment, but little has changed about the process. From the community banner, you can navigate to the ArcGIS Ideas space and Post an Idea (#1) directly from this page. When in a different view of this space or other spaces across GeoNet, the Create Content pencil (#2) or Actions dropdown (#3) can be used to get started with a new idea as well.




Entering and detailing your idea

Once you've selected one of the three areas to post your Idea, here are the key steps and tips to remember when entering and detailing your Idea.

   1. Think of a meaningful title for your Idea, and as you begin typing, similar ideas will be shown in a dropdown for your review. Double-check that your Idea doesn't                 already exist.  If an existing idea doesn’t fit your vision, move to the next step of writing out a description.

   2. Be as descriptive as possible about the problem you’d like to solve or the needs of your organization or industry; this will help us understand your feedback and will        help others expand upon it with their own comments.

   3. Your text can be modified using the provided formatting options, and you can embed images, links, emoticons, or build the body of your content using HTML (#1). You        can also @mention people and spaces from GeoNet (#2) to link to other content or information to make your case and attach files (#3) if needed.




Publish Location

ArcGIS Ideas is a dedicated space in GeoNet for all ideas. If you started creating your idea within the ArcGIS Ideas space, this will be populated for you. If you started from the Create Content pencil, you may need to browse to select the “ArcGIS Ideas” space.



Categorizing Ideas

There are two steps to best categorize your Ideas before submitting:


1. Tag your idea: What product(s), application(s) or term(s) are included in the description of the problem you'd like to solve? In what product(s) or application(s) would you like to see your idea implemented? Use these Product names or terms to tag your idea. For a list of suggested tags to help you categorize your idea, please see Suggested Tags by Category for ArcGIS Ideas.


2. Categorize your idea: Choose a product and/ or capability category that best describes the area of the platform that your idea is about. These are the same list of categories that will help you and others in your future search of the ArcGIS Ideas space.  Categorize ArcGIS Pro ideas under ArcGIS for Desktop.




Advanced Options

You can include additional authors on your idea to allow for collaboration. This lets you give anyone in GeoNet edit rights to modify your idea (#1), or just people you choose in this dialogue (#2).


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