In Experience Builder, can a hosted feature layer (with public data collection enabled) be configured to auto populate a field?

12-05-2023 12:05 PM
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I have an AGOL hosted feature layer (point file) that has public data collection enabled and it is used in Experience Builder. A user can add one or more points to the map using the Experience Builder's edit widget and leave information in a "Name" field. (Yes, I understand that enabling public data collection will populate an editor field if they are an authenticated AGOL user, but I want a way to collect a name from non-AGOL users.) If someone were to drop 30 points on the map, the last thing they will want to do is enter their name 30 times. Is it possible to have the application remember a users name after they enter it once and then apply it to each new record/point that is added to the map in a single browser session?

Would custom code need to be developed and injected into the URL to remember the edit session or would the change need to occur in the editor widget itself? Your help is appreciated.

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Hi @ScottHansen__MDP_ , that is not currently supported in the Experience Builder Edit widget, but a valid request as this is supported in the Web AppBuilder Smart Editor widget (to be retired at the end of 2025). Thank you for posting this question.

One option you may have would be to create a Survey123 using the web designer and leverage the cache option for answers. Web designer essentials—ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentation


Technically, you should then be able to use the Survey widget in Experience Builder to expose that survey within your app for editing.

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