How to share an Experience Builder made in AGOL for the organization to view in Portal when we are on an older version of Portal?

04-19-2022 02:39 PM
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We have an Experience Builder which we would like to share with the organization, however the ExB was made in AGOL and we need members of our organization to view it in Portal due to license limits in AGOL. 

We are on an older version of Portal so Experience Builder is not supported in our Portal (we have plans to upgrade but not in the time we want to share this ExB).

Is there a way of enabling our organization to view  the ExB in Portal rather than AGOL without having to share is publically?

We have tried copying using AGO Assistant, embedding the ExB in a Portal web app and uploading it to our Portal using the AGOL link but they still all require AGOL login.


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