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How to remove comma separator in Experience Builder table

07-13-2022 03:31 PM
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Hello! I'd like to remove the thousands comma separator in the table I have in an experience:


I tried going to the visualization for the feature and unchecking the thousands separator. Also tried pulling the data from a web map where I did the same with no luck:




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What version of EB are you using? And is your datasource being referenced by the table directly, or is it a view? In older versions of EB, data source views would ignore field-level formatting options of the original data source.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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This is actually what we are implementing recently and the table will be able to honor the thousand separator (and other settings) soon.

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Thanks @TianWen, looking forward to it

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I still can't format the fields in the Table widget.

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Any updates on this @TianWen ?

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@TianWen can you provide an update on this enhancement? Thousand seperators are still showing in enterprise Experience Builder 10.9.1 atleast. 

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I'm utilizing Enterprise Builder in AGOL and we still are experiencing this issue. I tell you this because Enterprise releases generally follow AGOL and it has yet to have been implemented in AGOL. Maybe and ESRI rep can chime in but I have not found a resolution to this issue.

Take care.

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I'm still seeing this issue too.

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Have something similar...  with a bonus problem! 

When exporting a CSV on the export tool, we have some issues on the CSV. As some people are entering commas (,), well colums and lines are a total mess on Excel. 

Any ideas how to change the separator on ExBuilder? On the REST?


Thank you! for any help or work around!!!


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