How to get several embedded Web Map Apps in an Experience to all zoom to the same selected feature

12-28-2022 12:46 PM
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Hi everyone. I am using Experience Builder on AGOL. My situation is that I have several different web map apps that all take advantage of the Screening widget in WAB, which Experience Builder doesn't have. I have separated my project into several WABs to 1.) keep the number of feature layers smaller by putting them into different web maps (when I initially had them all in one web map and web app I had display issues) and 2.) create thematic views in the experience using the different embedded WABs.

However, I want to allow the user to zoom into an area of interest once in the Experience and not have to zoom in each time they change to a different thematic view and WAB. How can I do this? I've tried this approach, which doesn't work, but I may be using it incorrectly:

I've also tried appending the output from an ExB query to the URL for my WAB in the embed widget. That also doesn't work - although it is supposed to. I have a separate post on that here

There's no way to do an Action on an embedded object, but I can't use regular web maps because I need the Screening widget found in WAB. I can't create URLs to use in the feature layer attributes themselves, because the services aren't mine. Does anyone have any ideas? What am I overlooking.

Thanks! Lara

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