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How do I move the locate map button on mobile views?

08-03-2023 09:13 AM
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How do I move the locate map button on mobile views?

Currently on the mobile view the locate button is set to the bottom right of the map, and it appears needs a minimum size of 465px.  Anything smaller and the locate button disappears.  For mobile this seems likely to be the most important functionality, what's near my current location? 

Can I move the locate button to the top of the map?  It's really the only button I need on the map.

The application I am working on will be used mostly on mobile, I think it will be something like 95% mobile, 5% desktop.  Making the mobile configuration the most import.  The minimum map size is taking up a lot of the mobile view screen space and a much smaller map would be ideal.  Around 350-400px

Less than 465 pixels:


Greater than 465 pixels:



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I recently ran across this issue, as well, while fine tuning the user experience for an application on mobile devices.  Apparently, the Locate button is removed on purpose:

"The Map widget automatically hides tools depending on the widget's height to make the widget more responsive to medium and small screen devices. For example, if a Map widget's height is smaller than 465 pixels, the Measure and Locate tools are hidden on small and medium screens even if they are turned on in the widget's settings. As the widget's height decreases, more tools are hidden. The Fullscreen, Search, Zoom, Scale bar, and Compass tools are the last to disappear."

I can see why Esri chooses to hide the button, but on mobile, I'd prefer the Locate button be left alone.

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In the ArcGIS Experience Builder 2023 Roadmap ( blog post, Jianxia has confirmed this has been added to the backlog.  Hopefully will be address sooner than later.