Filter List or Table widget in cascade

04-20-2023 10:40 PM
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I am trying to filter several lists, or tables in cascade, so that when I select one element in the first list, elements of the second are filtered, and then elements of the third are filtered to...

Let me explain, I have 3 feature classes with relationship classes between them (FC 1 in relationship with FC 2 and FC 2 in relationship with FC 3).

In the table widget or list widget, I can filter the data that are used in the widgets with trigger actions.

As a result, when selecting an element in one list, it will only filter (and select) elements in the second list, but will not cascade the filtering and selection to the third list...



Do you know how to achieve that ?

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This seems like the OOTB behavior of most of the widgets. You might need to develop a custom widget that perform cascading selection. I'm in the midst of developing this currently.

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