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02-21-2022 10:59 PM
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Hello everyone,

I have created an application in the Experience Builder and defined four different filters that can be selected via the filter widget.

However, I can't manage that only one filter is active at a time, or that when you click on another filter, the previous one is switched off.

If two filters are active at the same time, they do not work...

Can you help me?

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If using one Filter Widget with multiple filters in it, you need to make sure you have the AND/OR set properly if you want more than one filter to work on the dataset.


If you want it to show both values, you need to use "OR".



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Thank you for the answer!
However, I would like to set it so that the previously selected filter is switched off when you select a new one...

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I have posted an Idea for this.  Please vote it up.  If you could also post a comment under the Idea that explains your use case that would add even more weight:


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Yes, I think this is a bug.  If you use "OR" like you should the ACTIONS (zoom or pan) do not work (should zoom to extent of both but doesn't).

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