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Extending Map Widget - How to build source code and move to dist folder

05-04-2022 11:34 PM
New Contributor III

Dear All,


I am extending the functionality of Map widget for Zooming to feature on Chart click. 

For this I have to add some custom code and I have added it. But currently I have done this by keeping the Map widget in YourExtensions folder and added my custom code.

But what I am looking is I do not want to create a CustomMap widget. I wanted to do the changes in Existing Map widget and apply the changes. But changes are not reflecting in Dist folder. So I would like to build my custom code into Dist folder.

Please suggest on this how to do.





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New Contributor III

Not sure whats your requirement but your Client server webpack copies your CustomMap widget into the dist/widgets folder when you run it. But you want to modify the dist/widgets/arcgis/arcgis-map widget?

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