Experience Builder using custom theme cannot load in S3 bucket

09-29-2021 07:27 AM
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I'm using custom theme for my Experience Builder Developer Edition. Upon deployment to S3 bucket, the experience builder cannot load.

After investigation I found out that the way Experience Builder fetch the manifest.json and variables.json as follows, <url>/cdn/0/themes/<theme name>//manifest.json (apply for variables.json). 

It generated from jimu-core loadThemVariables and loadThemeManifest function. The extra slash will result in file not found for S3 bucket. In nginx and IIS seems ok.

Since I don't have access to non production code of jimu-core, I'll just remove the extra slash from the jimu-core (index.js) inside client/dist and remove the extra trailing slash.

My page can load after the change and nothing breaks so far (yet).

Hope this help others that encountered this issue.

I think Experience Builder core team might need to fix this in upcoming release.

P/S: This is for ExB 1.6 and 1.5 only

New update - It may still happen in the latest version

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Found same issue in the latest 1.6 release of Experience Builder. 

Thanks @Muhammad_AzhaziqBin_Mohd_Azlan for the work around.

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